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Best Food Ever: Traditional Yakhni Pulao Nigerian Food

So Delicious Traditional Yakhni Pulao surely is our favorite nigerian food. I will guide you to make Traditional Yakhni Pulao.

Traditional Yakhni Pulao

So Yummy Traditional Yakhni Pulao Nigerian Cuisine

You can simply cook Traditional Yakhni Pulao in 19 ingredients and just 6 steps. Here is cooking guidance how you can easily make it.


1 Take 1.1 of /2kg beef.
2 You need 1 kg of basmati rice.
3 It’s 4 tbsp of coriander seeds.
4 About 1.1 of /2 tsp cumin.
5 It’s of Salt as your taste.
6 About 2 tbsp of Fennel seeds.
7 About 2 of onion slice cut.
8 Take 1 of small packet saffron (zafran).
9 Take 6 tbsp of dahi.
10 About 1 heads of garlic.
11 Prepare 3 inch of ka pice ginger.
12 Approximately 6 of green chilli.
13 Prepare of Whole Gram Masala as per requirement.
14 Take 4 heads of badiyan flower.
15 You need 2 of Tezpatta.
16 Prepare 3 of green elachi.
17 Prepare 5 of loung.
18 You need 1 stick of darchini.
19 Approximately 1 of black elachi.
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Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 Ek malmal ke kapry ma sabit zeera
, sonf,coriander, sabit garam masala zeera badyan ke phool, 1 onion,ginger garlic chopped,salt dal kar potli bana lein..
Step 2 Aur ek pan me meat,masala ki potli,2 jug pani dal pakaein aur jab meat gal jay to yakhni se meat alag kar lein..
Step 3 Phir ek pan m oil garamkaren ke onion golden fry kar ke nikal lein.phir is me haldi powder, dahi,gree chìlli dal kar bhoona aur meat dal kar bhoney..
Step 4 Phir is me rice dal kar 4 glass yahkni aur zafran dal kar dhak kar pakaein aur jab pani dry ho jay to dum par rakdein.10 minutes ke ley..
Step 5 Phir tray me nikal kar fry onion sprinkal kar ke red Chutney ke sath serve karein..
Step 6 Mazedar Triditional Yakhni Pulao ready..

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