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So Yummy Nigerian White Soup Nigerian Food

Easy Yummy Nigerian White Soup surely is our favorite nigerian food. Its easy to make Nigerian White Soup.

Nigerian White Soup

So Tasty Nigerian White Soup Nigerian Cuisine

You can easily cook Nigerian White Soup by following 12 ingredients and only 6 steps. Here is cooking guidance how you can easily do it.


1 You need 1 kg of cow head meat.
2 You need 3 of big pieces of stockfish.
3 Prepare 2 of smoked catfish.
4 Approximately 1 handful of dried oporo.
5 Take 1 handful of yellow pepper.
6 Take 1 handful of crayfish.
7 About 2-3 slices of yam.
8 About 2 pieces of utazi leaves.
9 Approximately 1 bunch of uziza leaves.
10 About to taste of Salt.
11 Take 3 of seasoning cubes.
12 Take 1 of bulb of onions.

Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 Wash the cowhead and stockfish thoroughly and transfer to a pot 2 cups of water. Add some sliced onions and allow to cook..
Step 2 Add the cut yam to the cooking meat. Once the yam is cooked, remove from the pot and transfer to a mortar. Pound till smooth, but not too smooth like pounded yam, set aside..
Step 3 The cowhead takes a while to cook so remember to keep topping water. Once it's almost cooked, add the smoked catfish, pounded peppers and crayfish, seasoning cubes, washed oporo and a tsp of salt..
Step 4 Allow to cook then add the yam paste in little balls. Reduce the heat and cover pot. The yam will dissolve thereby thickening the soup..
Step 5 Once you achieve the consistency you desire, add the chopped uziza and utazi leaves. Check for seasoning, Stir and turn off the heat..
Step 6 Serve with your favorite swallow.
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