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Yummy Food Traditional okro soup Nigerian Cuisine

So Yummy Traditional okro soup definitely is our favorite nigerian food. This is my secret recipe to make Traditional okro soup. Okra soup is one very popular igbo soup in Nigerian, learn how to prepare okro soup in a very Ingredients For (Okro) Okra Soup. Preparation time: Sliced Okra (a medium-size bowl. Okra (Okro) Soup is a farm fresh soup recipe prepared with green vegetables.

Traditional okro soup

Delicious Food Traditional okro soup Nigerian Food

Okra soup thick with crab became Baltimore's "crab gumbo" and Charleston and Savannah's "rouxless. Okro soup (okra soup) is a delicious West African soup popularly eaten in Nigeria. This soup is so deliciously satisfying and loaded with proteins and healthy fat, you will not be. You can easily cook Traditional okro soup in 15 ingredients and only 4 steps. Here is cooking guidance how you can easily cook it.


1 About of Raw okro.
2 It’s 2 serving spoon of palm oil.
3 Prepare 3 of scotch bonnet.
4 Prepare 3 of cayenne pepper tattasai.
5 You need 1 of onion.
6 Prepare 1 tea spoon of salt.
7 Take 5 of garlic.
8 About 3 of cloves.
9 You need 3 of black pepper.
10 Prepare 3 of maggi.
11 Take 2 of dried ginger(or fresh).
12 Prepare 3 tea spoon of potash.
13 You need 3 of locust beans (daddawa).
14 Approximately 2 cups of Water.
15 Take of Cooked meat.

This is another great okro (okra) recipe. It's a variant of okro soup. Traditional Okro soup is usually prepared with only chopped okro and often doesn't have added vegetables. I couldn't resist the filming of this Okro soup preparation as I thought of all my Okro soup lover who also are in search of healthier alternatives in preparing this Ghanaian classic.

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Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Put the 2 cups of water on heat & allow to boil, crush the black pepper, cloves, ginger and locust beans & add to the boiling water, then u add the cooked meat. Allow to cook for 5 mins then u grind the scotch bonnet(taruhu),cayenne peppper(tattasai), onion & garlic & add them all together. Followed by maggi & salt. Then allow to cook for another 5 mins..
Step 2 In the mean time you grate the okro using a grater or you can pound or blend it. Then you add the potash & allow the foam to down add the grated okro stir & cook for 3 min then you off the heat & add the fried palm oil (fried with onions only). You can use stew instead of the palm oil..
Step 3 I serve mine with tuwon semovita😋😋.
Step 4 .

Otong soup is a popular traditional Okra soup recipe from the Efik people of Cross river, South Eastern Nigeria. Otong soup is very similar to the Yoruba Okra Soup; Ila Alasepo. Just like ogbono soup and Ewedu soup, Okro soup has a viscous texture which makes it an acquired taste. Talking about Ogbono soup – this is a thick delicious, and hearty soup made from the Wild. My biggest tip is to add aubergine puree to the soup base.

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