white rice and efo riro recipe main photo

African Dish White rice and efo riro

African Food White rice and efo riro

African Dish: White rice and efo riro

White rice and efo riro Ingredients

1 African spinach.
2 bell pepper.
3 tomatoes.
4 Knorr cube.
5 Salt.
6 palmoil.
7 pomo (cow skin).
8 onion medium sized.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Wash and cut pomo into bits and boil for 10mins.
Step 2 Cut vegetables and wash.
Step 3 Blend tomatoes and pepper and an onion with little water.
Step 4 Pour palmoil and when hot add your blended mix with the boiled pomo for 5-10mins.
Step 5 Add the vegetables and salt and knorr cube for 5mins.
Step 6 Food is ready to serve.
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