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African Dish Sweet Potatoes and Eforiro

Traditional African Foods Sweet Potatoes and Eforiro

African Cuisine: Sweet Potatoes and Eforiro

Sweet Potatoes and Eforiro Ingredients

1 medium Sweet Potatoes.
2 Olive oil.
3 Salt.
4 Efo.
5 Pepper(Atarugu).
6 Onion.
7 Boiled beef.
8 medium dried fish.
9 Spices.
10 cooking Palm Oil.
11 Crayfish.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Peel and cut Potatoes. Put in a pot, add Water just to the level of the Potatoes..
Step 2 Add Olive oil and salt to the Potatoes and cook for 15mins. Set aside..
Step 3 Pound/blend pepper. Chop onions and cut vegetables(Efo). Set aside.
Step 4 Wash dried fish. Dice boiled beef..
Step 5 In a clean pot, put in palm oil and put on fire..
Step 6 As oil heats up, put in onions and pepper and fry a bit..
Step 7 Add in beef and dried fish to pepper on fire. Allow to cook for 3mins..
Step 8 Add in Spices and crayfish, stir well. Allow all to cook for 2mins then pour in Efo and stir for 3mins and put off heat..
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