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African Dish Eforiro soup

Traditional African Foods Eforiro soup

African Cuisine: Eforiro soup

Eforiro soup Ingredients

1 Spinach (efo) (alaiyahu).
2 Ugu.
3 Stock fish.
4 Beef.
5 Kpomo.
6 Red oil.
7 Scotch bonnet (attarugu).
8 Garlic.
9 Onion.
10 Seasoning.
11 Salt.

Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 Cut spinach and ugu into tiny slices..
Step 2 Wash well with salt, drain and keep aside..
Step 3 Wash ugu with salt and keep aside.
Step 4 In another pot boil hot water and pure on ur washed spinach, drain and add cold water, drain again and squeeze to remove excess water..
Step 5 In a pot add beef, kpomo and stock fish..
Step 6 Add seasoning, salt, curry and thyme and allow to cook till tender..
Step 7 Grind together scotch bonnet, garlic n onion..
Step 8 Add oil in a pot, add onion wen saute add in ur scotch bonnet, garlic n onion paste. Add seasoning and stir till fried..
Step 9 Add in ur beef stock n meat.(Just d meat stock is ok don't add water so d soup won't be too watery).
Step 10 Allow to boil..
Step 11 Add in ur ugu, stir and allow to cook.
Step 12 Finally add in ur spinach stir and cover to simmer for 4-5 minutes.. Our eforiro is done😋😋.
Step 13 Enjoy with tuwon shinkafa, eba, fufu or any swallow of ur choice.
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