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Tasty Food Nigerian Jollof rice and Fried Turkey Nigerian Cuisine

So Tasty Nigerian Jollof rice and Fried Turkey surely is our favorite nigerian dish. Its easy to make Nigerian Jollof rice and Fried Turkey.

Nigerian Jollof rice and Fried Turkey

Easy Yummy Nigerian Jollof rice and Fried Turkey Nigerian Cuisine

You can have Nigerian Jollof rice and Fried Turkey by following 17 ingredients and 12 steps. Here is cooking guidance how you can easily cook it.


1 Prepare 5 cups of rice.
2 It’s 10 of medium sized tomatoes.
3 It’s 4 of medium sized tatashe.
4 About 2 handful of fresh pepper.
5 About 4 of medium sized onions.
6 About 2 of small tinned tomatoes.
7 Take 3 kg of Turkey.
8 Approximately of Curry powder.
9 It’s of Thyme.
10 About of Rosemary seasoning.
11 Approximately of Garlic powder.
12 You need of Ginger powder.
13 You need of Dried grounded black pepper.
14 Approximately of Grounded dry crayfish.
15 Approximately to taste of Salt.
16 Prepare cubes of Seasoning.
17 About of Vegetable oil.

Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 Cut turkey, and wash thoroughly.
Step 2 Marinate turkey with curry, thyme and rosemary leaves, ginger, garlic, seasoning cubes, black pepper and two blended onions overnight.
Step 3 Boil turkey until properly cooked.
Step 4 Put aside the stock from cooked turkey.
Step 5 Fry turkey until golden brown.
Step 6 Parboil rice and wash thoroughly.
Step 7 Blend tomatoes, fresh pepper, two onions and tatashe until smooth.
Step 8 Fry the blended mix with two tin of tin tomato as well as one tablespoon each of black pepper and crayfish for five minutes using two cooking spoon of vegetable oil.
Step 9 Add the parboiled rice into sauce and mix thoroughly..
Step 10 Add stock from turkey boiled earlier in the pot and continue mixing. Add curry powder, salt to taste as well as seasoning cubes.
Step 11 Add ten cups of water into the pot and put back on medium heat until dry..
Step 12 Once dried serve with drink of your choice..
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