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African Dish South African Braai

African Cuisine South African Braai

African Dish: South African Braai

South African Braai Ingredients

1 1 Red meat, preferably rump, fillet or sirloin..
2 1 Pinapple juice.
3 1 Balsamic vinegar.
4 1 Steak and chops Robinson spice.
5 1 Salt.
6 1 pepper.
7 1 Coriander.
8 1 olive oil.

Cooking Guidances

Step 1 First things first: wash your hands and then wash your meat..
Step 2 Place your meat on a clean surface or in a big bowl..
Step 3 Using a folk, prick your meat pieces and pour 5 to 10 drops of pineapple juice on each piece..
Step 4 Do not turn the meat over for about 20 minutes..
Step 5 After 20 minutes turn the meat pieces over and repeat step number three and four..
Step 6 After 20 minutes repeat all of the above using Balsamic vinegar.
Step 7 Add all your spices to suit your taste. Rub them to your meat using your hands..
Step 8 Prepare your grill with fire and we normally use charcoal, wood or briquettes..
Step 9 Wait until coals or grey ash has formed in your fire. then your fire is ready for braai..
Step 10 Before placing your meat on your grill, rub your meat with olive oil, just to maintain that juicyness of your meat, while on a grill..
Step 11 Turn your meat over only when the juice has been formed on the top side of your meat..
Step 12 The more you turn over your meat the dryer it becomes so avoid turning your meat too often..
Step 13 It depends on your preference. for a welldone braai, keep it a bit longer..
Step 14 Once your meat is all brown and tender cooked, take it off the grill and let it rest for 5 minutes before serving..
Step 15 serv it while warm, with your pap or your bread rolls and a nice green salad of your choice..
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