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African Food Easy peasy Delicious Egusi soup

African Food Easy peasy Delicious Egusi soup

Traditional African Foods: Easy peasy Delicious Egusi soup

Easy peasy Delicious Egusi soup Ingredients

1 grinded egusi (I roast mine, but it's not compulsory).
2 yellow pepper and about 8 atarago (I love pepper,reduce yours).
3 Ghanapepper.
4 kilo goat meat.
5 Thick chunks of pomo.
6 Prewashed and deboned Stockfish.
7 Roasted Panla fish.
8 Palmoil.
9 washed and sliced oziza leaves.
10 ugwu or properly washed bitterleaf.
11 Crayfish (optional).
12 Thinly diced onions or roughly blended.
13 Seasoning.

Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 In a bowl, combine Egusi, Ghanapepper, onions and seasoning cubes… Mix thoroughly.
Step 2 Boil your goat meat with onions and seasoning (+ crayfish, optional) (I don't use Curry and thyme) add Stockfish and washed pomo. Cook till almost soft..
Step 3 In a pot, heat oil… Add grinded yellow and red atarago, fry and then add your egusi in large or small chunks and allow to fry for a few mins. Check the heat, so it doesn't burn..
Step 4 The Egusi would let out a unique aroma when it is properly fried… At this point, add in your meats and stock and allow it to boil for some 5-10mins on low heat without stirring.
Step 5 Stir and add your roasted Panla. after a minute add your oziza leaves and correct seasoning if need be. Add your ugwu leaves and your soup is ready.
Step 6 If you are using bitter leaf, add at the same time with meats..
Step 7 Serve with staple of your choice and enjoy..
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