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Traditional African Foods Boiled African Beef Stew

Traditional African Foods Boiled African Beef Stew

West African Foods: Boiled African Beef Stew

Boiled African Beef Stew Ingredients

1 1/2 kg fresh beef on bone.
2 2 onions.
3 2 Tomatoes.
4 5 pcs potatoes.
5 1 pc leek.
6 2 cloves crushed/ grated garlic.
7 2 pcs carrots.
8 1 courgett.
9 Can add as many veges as you can such as assorted Bell peppers, dhania etc.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Clean your beef..
Step 2 Put it in a sufuria, add salt n some garlic, 1 pc tomato n 1 pc onion. Leave some garlic, tomato n onion to add it later while your beef is almost ready..
Step 3 Mix them well for like 15 mins on a low heat..
Step 4 Add water in it and bring to boil..
Step 5 As you boil it, prepare your vegetables by cleaning, peeling n dicing them accordingly..
Step 6 Depending on how your soft or tough your beef is, when 3/4 done, add your potatoes n let them boil together till ready. Let them cook n not mash. Taste salt n make sure it has enough soup (optional)..
Step 7 5 mins before you are done with your beef, add carrots, courgettes, garlic, tomatoes n onions that your left behind. Put off the heat n let your meal cool ready for service. Can add dhania, fresh chilli at this point if need be..
Step 8 Serve at your own leisure with any accompaniment of your choice or just like that. Enjoy..
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