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Michael’s mother, Tiffany Morones-Suttle, spoke live for the first time since Michael was transferred to the Levine Children’s Hospital in Charlotte, NC. 


Jonathan Blaine Lucas, J.D. spoke about the overwhelming outpouring of international support and the Michael Morones Foundation.


Carrboro Mayor Lydia Lavelle joined to discuss the pervasive issue of bullying, what the law and the states have done to protect individuals form bullying and what we as a society can do moving forward.


The interview aired on March 4. Click here to listen to it.


Host: Kathryn Krastin


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Carrboro Mayor Lydia Lavelle





Jonathan Blaine Lucas, J.D.






May 30, 2014


"Anti-Bullying Event Set"


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May 13, 2014


"Art + Drag for Michael: An Anti-Bullying Event"


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May 8, 2014


"The Effects of Bullying"


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May 7, 2014




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May 7, 2014




Broadway World



April 23, 2014


"Chondra Profit, Heather Parcells, Brian Craft and Anthony Crouchelli Set for Broadway Sessions for Broadway Battles Bullying Benefit Concert"





April 14, 2014


"NYC Anti-Bullying Concert Honors Michael Morones" (Studio Interview)


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April 12, 2014


"11-Year-Old's Suicide Attempt Part of Epidemic"


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April 11, 2014


"Community Rallies to Support 11-Year-Old Bullying Victim Who Tried To Commit Suicide"


ABC-11, Raleigh-Durham



April 9, 2014


"Benefit to Honor Bullied 'My Little Pony' Fan"





April 7, 2014


"Broadway Battles Bullying Concert, Featuring Laura Benanti, Will Benefit Michael Morones Foundation"


The Huffington Post



April 4, 2014


"Dan Fogler, Joe Iconis, Carrie Manolakos, Jill Paice and More Will Rally For 'Broadway Battles Bullying' Benefit Supporting Michael Morones"





March 30, 2014


"Do You Know A Bully?"


The Daily News of Bogalusa



March 24, 2014


"'My Little Pony' Bullying in Wake Turns Tragic"


Asheville Citizen-Times



March 21, 2014


"My Little Pony Fan Wakes Up"


SameSame.com (Austrailia)



March 14, 2014


"Wake Sheriff's Office Still Investigating 11-Year-Old's Apparent Suicide Effort"


The News & Observer



March 6, 2014


"Tattoo Parlor Offers 'My Little Pony' Designs Benefiting Bullied 11-Year-Old Boy"


The Huffington Post



March 5, 2014


"Pushed to the Edge By Bullies"


Fox 46 Carolinas



February 26, 2014


"Customer Get 'My Little Pony' Tattoos To Take A Stand Against Bullying"


KOKH (Oklahoma City)


"Tattoos For A Cause, Taking A Stand Against Bullying"


KPLCTV (Lake Charles, LA)



February 25, 2014


"Tattoo Parlors Ink 'My Little Pony' Cartoons in Support of Boy, 11, Who Attempted Suicide"


The Huffington Post


"Tattoo Parlor Fights Bullying Nationwide Thanks to Michael Morones Case" (video)


ABC11 (Raleigh-Durham)



February 24, 2014


"Local Artist Launches Program to Support Boy who Attempted Suicide" (video)


NBC4 (Columbus, OH)



February 22, 2014


"Benefit Held for Child Who Attempted Suicide After Being Bullied at School for Being Fan of 'My Little Pony'"





February 18, 2014


"Michael Sam, Michael Morones and the Problem of Gender in America"


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February 17, 2014


"Bullying Victim Gets Tattoo Support, Bros Who Love 'My Little Pony' Unite"


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February 14, 2014


"When Reality Isn't Magical For Youth"


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"Kindness From the Heart: A Valentine's Day Tribute to Michael Morones"


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"Some Good News on Michael Morones"


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February 12, 2014


"Great New Update on Michael Morones"


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February 11, 2014


"Boy Inspires Mean Lookin' Guys to Flock to Sugar Land for 'My Little Pony' Tattos"


The Houston Chronicle



February 10, 2014


"'Art for Michael' Project Supports Bullied 'My Little Pony' Fan Who Attempted Suicide"


The Huffington Post



February 9, 2014


"11-Year-Old Bullied for Watching 'My Little Pony' Attempts Suicide"


WTVR - Richmond



February 8, 2014


"Victim of Bullying, 11, Gets Huge Outpour of Support"


WGHP - The Piedmont



February 7, 2014


"Just Like Michael Morones, My Son is Bullied"


Ups and Downs of a Yoga Mom



February 6, 2014


"'My Little Pony' Fan Community Rallies Around Michael, Victim of Bullying"


WTVY - Dothan, AL



February 5, 2014


"Bullied 11-Year-Old 'Brony' Clings to Life Following Suicide Attempt"


LGBTQ Nation